HDPE Cable Duct Pipes

HDPE Cable Duct

HDPE Cable Duct Pipe

HDPE Cable Duct Sizes

In recent times, the communication sector calls for uninterrupted and reliable service for continuous transmission of data. Hence quality cable duct systems, which encase these vital links, are the need of the hour. Nagarjuna Polymers brings to you the best quality HDPE cable ducts to ensure highest consumer experience.

HDPE Cable Duct pipe are more tough and durable and enables the duct to withstand the pressure during installation as well as retains the roughness under soil pressure and traffic load. HDPE cable duct is available in Black, Orange and Blue Colours. Every meter of duct in the coil marked with progressive measurement.

Our HDPE cable ducts are used in Telecommunication, Computer Network, Automatic Signalling, Railways Information Network, Highways Cable service provider, Broad Band Networks, Electric Cable Installation, etc.

Sizes available : From 20mm – 110mm in the form of Roll up to 1000 meters or straight lengths as per requirements in various colours.