Nagarjuna Polymers is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company, equipped with an in-house ultra modern pipe & raw material testing facility. We apply stringent Quality Assurance at all levels starting from the incoming raw material to the finished product. This helped us in producing the highest standard quality products with utmost customer satisfaction. We have various licenses such as IS 4984, ISO 9001-2008 etc.

Physical Properties of HDPE :

Property Test Method Units PE 80 PE 100
Density (Compound) ISO 1183 Kg/m³ 956 959
Melt Flow Rate(190ºC/5kg) ISO 1133 g/10 min 0.3 0.25
Tensile Stress at Yield(50mm/min) ISO 527-2 MPa 22 25
Elongation at Break ISO 527-2 % > 600 > 600
Charpy Impact Strength, notched ISO 179/1eA kJ/m² 14 16
Carbon Black Content ASTM D 1603 % 2 2
Vicat Softening Point ASTM D 1525 ºC 118 122
Brittleness Temperature ASTM D 746 ºC < -70 < -70
ESCR (10% Igepal), F50 ASTM D 1693A Hrs. >10,000 >10,000
Thermal Conductivity DIN 52612 W/mºK 0.4 0.4
Linear Thermal Expansion ASTM D 696 Kˉ¹ 1.5x10ˉ4 1.5x10ˉ4

Major Tests Performed at Nagarjuna Polymers Lab are:

  • Visual Inspection and Dimension Test
  • Melt Flow Index Test
  • Tensile Strength Test
  • Density Test
  • Hydraulic Pressure Test
  • Reversion Test
  • Impact Strength Test
  • CBC
  • Internal Co-Efficient of Friction Test
  • Environmental Stress Crack Resistance Test.

Our Accreditations & Certifications :

  • Nagarjuna Polymers HDPE pipes and equipments are approved by Bureau of Indian Standards and also produced in line with other European and US standards.
  • NSIC-CRISIL has assigned a good rating for performance and financial strength of Nagarjuna Polymers
  • Nagarjuna Polymers is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.

Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction : At Nagarjuna Polymers, we continually enhance the products and services we offer to our customers, Customer Satisfaction is our top priority. We employed stringent quality testing inspections to ensure defect free pipes. We have earned enormous accolades from our clients throughout India for our advanced technology based pipes, fittings and sprinkler systems. Our professionals are in constant touch with customers to deliver our products in timely manner.