Fabricated HDPE Fittings

HDPE PIPE Fittings

Fabricated HDPE fittings are easy to handle because it has 1/8th of the density of metals like steel. No one wants to carry bulky things around.

It is super flexible. Because of that, they allow for installation over any uneven terrain. They were heat welded as they use techniques like butt fusion and electrofusion, which will provide stronger joints than the piping.

HDPE pipe fittings leak and rust-proof, which means that the pipes will be for a longer run, and you don’t need to purchase them always. Because in the end, we need a pipe which can support you for the long run.

These HDPE pipe fittings are corrosion-free and chemical-resistant. If any chemical water passes through it, the pipes won’t get damaged. These pipes have a very high impact strength.

We provide you the best quality fabricated HDPE pipe fittings in south India. Our products are:

  • Fabricated Bend 20mm To 500mm
  • Fabricated Tee 20mm To 500mm
  • Fabricated Reducing Tee 20mm To 500mm
  • Fabricated Cross (4 Way) 20mm To 500mm
  • Fabricated ‘Y’ Branch 20mm To 500mm

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